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Food : Medicarp Information
Medicarp is the most advanced formula in the industry. It contains concentrated Lactoferin for increased resistance against disease and infection. Medicarp promotes vitality and vigour in every facet of fish health.
Characteristics: - · Prevents Infection - Lactoferin and Torua Yeast increase disease resistance and help prevent infection.
· Colour Enhancers - - Contains pure Astaxanthin with Hemathococcus to stimulate vivid colour in all ages of Koi.
· High Digestibility - - Medicarp has very high-energy ingredients so that a high growth rate can be achieved, furthermore these high grade contents will never cloud or discolour the water.
· A truely premium Diet and the scientifically blended natural ingredients are designed exclusively for Koi.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, fish meal, Soybean meal, squid meal, Hematococcus, Torua yeast, Lactoferin, Natural Astaxanthin, Vitamins and minerals etc. Please note that the name MEDICARP does not confer that this is a medicinal food.
Product analysis - · Protein 37% or more · Fat 4% or more · Fibre 3% or less · Moisture 10% or less · Ash 10% or less.
Packaging information:- Pellet granule sizes are 4mm to 7mm. medium and large pellet. Package sizes available are 300gr, 500gr, 3kg, 5kg and 10kg.
Enhances colour and improves nutrient uptake. Contains paprika which enhances reds, makes whites more stunning and improves the colour contrast in any colour combination.  Medikoi Beauty contains Mediclay, which help cleanse the digestive system, so not only does MediKoi Beauty make your fish more vibrant it makes them healthier too. 
Quantity: 750g 3mm Pellet

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