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Koi varieties are
distinguished by coloration,
patterning, and scalation.

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We are happy to assist you in all aspects of Koi management. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced keeper, we are here on hand to help. We know it can certainly be difficult to maintain Koi ponds, especially if you are just starting out, yet there's nothing better than sitting by your koi pond, admiring your hard work, and relaxing in your very own tranquil sanctuary.

At Birmingham Koi we can offer advice and helpful guidelines about the best equipment for you to use. This can be done either by phone or calling into our shop located in Old Hill, West Midlands - Where we have a comprehensive range of Koi products and aquarium supplies including pond pumps, pond Filter systems, filter media, Koi food, Koi medication and lots more! All at affordable prices...
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