Yellow Tail Congo Tetra
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This tetra species has been recorded in various locations throughout lakes and rivers of the Democratic Republic of Congo; more specifically, they largely populate the Lower Congo River.

It is recommended that 8-10 fish are kept in the same community aquarium with other schools of fish. If kept in this type of environment, the Yellow Tail Congo Tetra will feel safer and will develop their natural colouring. Growth Size 5 / 6 cm 

Ideally slightly acidic water conditions are provided between 6pH – 7.5pH. Temperatures should range between 22-26°C. Yellow Tail Congo tetras should be fed a variety of high quality flake food, or frozen food like bloodworm, Daphnia, and Artemia. They will also accept freeze dried and live foods - being omnivores they can have a varied diet. Yellow Tail Congo Tetra are peaceful community fish and are generally accepted by a wide range of tank mates. Please see the compatibility chart below for more information.When sexing this species, males grow to be larger and more colourful than females. They also develop white tips on their dorsal, anal, caudal and ventral fins.

In order to breed, they will need to be provided with a large aquarium with bright lighting. Make sure there is an adequate amount of live plants, so that the female has a suitable place to deposit the eggs. Once eggs have been deposited, remove the parents, so they don't eat the eggs. From this point on, keep the tank lighting low as the eggs are sensitive to light.

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