White Cloud Minnow
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Scientific Name: Tanichthys albonubes



Mountain minnows are very easy fish to care for and produce very minimal waste making them perfect for a large shoal.  Growth Size 4 cm 

Most commonly found around the 'White Cloud Mountain' north of the Guangzhou provine in China and is restricted to the Pearl river delta region.


Ideally kept in a large shoal, we recommend a minimum of 6 - 10.

Ideally slightly acidic water conditions are provided between 6.5pH - 7pH however they will happily live in conditions ranging up to pH of 7.5. Temperatures should range between 14-24°C.

Mountain Minnows should be fed a variety of flake, frozen, freeze dried and live foods for a varied diet.  Being omnivores they will happily accept a wide range of foods.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are peaceful community fish and are generally accepeted by a wide range of tank mates. Please see the compatability chart below for more information.

How compatible are they with other fish?

Mountain minnows are entirely peaceful species and will happily coexist with a wide range of tank mates.  Best suited to a tank with smaller species such as Tetra and Rasbora.

Females are usually rounder in the belly and slightly larger than their male counterpart

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