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Product Description

Antec Virkon Aquatic has been specifically produced for the UK aquaculture industry. It builds on the heritage of Antec Virkon S as the most proven disinfectant in the world, and has been shown, in published independent research, to have the world’s broadest range of efficacy against major fish pathogens, including ISA (Infectious Salmon Anaemia) virus and IPN (Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis) virus, even at low temperatures and high organic loads. It has proven efficacy against key fish pathogens, even at low temperatures and high dilutions, including all the major fish virus groups including: fish herpes viruses (Koi Carp Herpes virus; Channel Catfish Virus; Carp Pox Virus), fish rhabdoviruses (Spring Viraemia of Carp Virus; Snakehead Rhabdovirus); fish birnaviruses (IPN virus) and fish orthomyxoviruses (Salmon Anaemia Virus). It is also highly active against Aeromonas, and other bacteria, even at low temperatures. It provides complete infection control in all aspects of fish rearing. In addition to this proven efficacy, it has a favourable environmental profile and also offers great user safety. Virkon S Aquatic can be used as a sanitizer for your pond at the rate of one dissolved tablet per 5,000 litres, (1,000 gallons), per week.

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