Silver Tip Tetra
Silver Tip Tetra
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Scientific Name: Hasemania nana 
Originating from Brazil 
Silvertip Tetra are a shoaling species, and are best kept in large numbers. For best results its  recommend keeping at least 6 plus in a shoal  the happier they will be' Ideally slightly acidic water conditions are provided between 6.5pH - 7pH however they will happily live in conditions ranging up to pH of 7.5 or higher. Temperatures should range between 24-26°C.Silvertip Tetra should be fed a variety of flake, frozen, freeze dried and live foods for a varied diet.  Being omnivores they will happily accept a wide range of foods.Silvertip Tetra are peaceful community fish and are generally accepeted by a wide range of tank mates. Please see the compatability chart below for more information. Males carry at much higher intensity colour when in breeding condition. BKBF

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