Silver Dollars
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Scientific Name: Metynnis hypsauchen

A largely hardy species that is ideal for beginners to the hobby Growth Size 15 cm 

Silver Dollar are one of the larger members of the characidae family from Guyana, Peru and Brazil ' Silver Dollars are a shoaling species, and are best kept in large numbers. For best results we recommend keeping at least 6 in a shoal - the more the happier they will be.
Ideally slightly acidic water conditions are provided between 6.5pH - 7pH however they will happily live in conditions ranging up to pH of 7.5 or higher. Temperatures should range between 24-26°C. High vegetable matter will see these fish in their best condition.  Feed algae wafers and spirulina flakes.  They will however relish treats of Bloodworm and Artemia.  Be careful in heavily planted aquariums to use tougher varieties such as Anubia and Java Ferns to avoid being eaten. Due to their full grown size, they are best kept with fish that they cannot fit in their mouth.These fish are very peaceful in the larger aquarium..

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