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 Sabbactisun is a unique herbal enhancing stimulant which reduces bacterial infections in fish , 
 with symptons such as fin and tail rot , ulcers , bulging eyes ( exophthalmia ) , milky skin , 
 raised scales , mouth rot / fungus and dropsy ( acsites ) . Sabbactisun enhances the natural 
immune system of the fish . Pathogenic bacteria which are driven off the the fish will ultimately 
die if they do not have a host , without the risk of becoming resistant . Sabbactisun is effective 
at reducing bacterial infections as well as ulcers and wounds which often occour on koi .
Regular antibiotics kill the non resistant bacteria but do not heal ulcers . Sabbactisun does not 
only drive off pathogenic bacteria but stimulates and accelerates regeneration of damaged 
tissues , even with deep ulcers until no trace of it remains , in a surprisingly short time span . 
An open wound or ulcer on which the bacteria have been killed by antibiotics still remains a
sensitive place for reinfection and parasites , so even after an antibiotic treatment it is important 
to use sabbactisun to prevent reinfection . Sabbactisun can be used directly in any pond or 
aquarium , it is safe for all life in and around it . Sabbactisun also helps fish to acclimatize .

DOSERING * 1 ml per 20 litre pond / aquarium water 

100% Natural , Enviroment friendly 
 Sabbactisun reduces pathogenic bacteria on the fish such as Aeromonas sp Pseudomonos sp 
 Cytophaga / Flavobacterium / Flexibacter sp 
 Sabbactisun is also effective against strains of bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics 
 Do not affect nitrifying ( biofilter) bacteria . non toxic 
 Sabbactisun is completely biodegradiable , no harmful residues 
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