Green Terror
Green Terror
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Scientific Name: 
Andinoacara rivulatu This species is native to Ecuador and Peru.

This fish is best kept alone or in a mating pair. Will accept temperatures from 20 – 24°c and a pH range between 6.5 - 7.5.
Omnivorous; will happily accept cichlid pellets, live and frozen food
They are aggressive and territorial so only pair with other robust cichlids and large catfish if you have a large tank (650 litre

Breeding is often initiated by performing a large water change with cool water. The pair will choose a flat, smooth surface, or a pit in the substrate and then clean it. The eggs hatch in approximately 3-4 days, and in this time the male will protect the site while the female tends to the eggs. 6-8 days later the fry will be free swimming and can be fed microworm, brine shrimp and powdered dry foods like crushed flakes. 


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