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Safe and Smooth
Glass beads are spherical and do not have any sharp edges. They are safe to handle and safe to service. If there is ever a failure of the filter’ s laterals and glass beads flow into the swimming pool, they pose no risk of injury to swimmers.
High Purity
Waterco Glass beads are manufactured from 100% virgin glass and chemically inert. Waterco Glass beads have been independently lab tested for leeching contaminants and found to be well within Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
Save Water
Glass bead ’ s spherical smooth shape, results in a low co efficient of friction, reducing its backwash water requirements. Glass beads backwashes with up to 20% less water than sand, saving time and water.
Time Saving
Glass beads are easy to install and enables a rapid start up of the media filter. Its high purity means very little backwashing is required to cleanse the filter media, prior to commissioning the filter.
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