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Endlers Guppy
Endlers Guppy
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Scientific Name: Poecilia wingei


Ideally added to a mature aquarium, once added they will usually thrive if given a varied diet.  Due to their placid nature they are best kept with other timid species.  Unlike other guppyhigh flowing water is not a problem as they can be a very active species.
Males 2.5cm, Females 4.5cm
Their original distribution is considered to be coastal lagoons of Venezuela
They will happily live in large groups, as with other livebearers it is best kept with a 2-3 females to every male.
Ideally slightly alkaline water conditions are provided between 7.0pH - 8.0pH. Temperatures should range between 24-26°C.
Endlers Guppies should be fed a variety of flake, frozen, freeze dried and live foods for a varied diet.  Being omnivores they will happily accept a wide range of foods, although for best results green foods should be offered in abundance.
A generally peaceful fish, however it should be kept mostly with fish that can tolerate its more alkaline requirements.  Care should be taken with Endlers guppy due to its small size and should only be kept with like sized companions such as Mosquito Rasbora.
These fish like all livebearers will readily breed in captivity, it is more a matter of when not how it will happen if you have a mix of males and females.

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