Coppens Wheat Germ
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 Optimal digestibility

WHEAT GERM EF is a premium feed to keep koi in a great condition throughout

the year. The use of highly digestible fish and vegetable proteins and

grains promote an optimal digestion. The addition of a high amount of

wheat germ guarantees a good digestion even at low water temperatures

when small amounts should be fed. For many koi keepers WHEAT GERM EF

is the only choice at water temperatures below 15 °C as they have

experienced that this diet excels under colder conditions.


Knowledge gained at our Coppens ResearchCentre about special ingredients

and additives enables us to upgrade an already special diet. WHEAT GERM EF is

enhanced with a prebiotic and a probiotic to support the intestinal flora. The prebiotic, a

fructoligosaccharide, acts as a food source for the positive gut bacteria that are essential for an

optimal nutrient absorption and disease resistance. The probiotic, live positive bacteria, included

in Wheat Germ EF acts as the fish’s own positive bacteria and helps to consolidate a good gut

health. Especially after antibiotic treatments where often all the gut bacteria are destroyed it is

important to quickly re-colonise with positive bacteria as supplied by WHEAT GERM EF .

 Beneficial for fish health

Japanese koi breeders recommend a diet based on wheat germ for koi because this ingredient is

extremely useful in keeping the transit through the intestines working. This considerably lessens

the risk of intestinal blockages or infections at low water temperatures. WHEAT GERM EF is rich

in natural vitamin E and Ω-6 and Ω-3 fatty acids all of which are essential to keep koi healthy.

 Analysis S ize

Protein 37 % 2.0 mm

Fat 6 % 3.0 mm

Crude fibre 2.0 % 6.0 mm

Ash 8.9 % 10.0 mm

Total P 1.4 %

 Vitamins E nergy (/kg)

Vitamin A 25.000 IE/kg Gross 18.0 MJ 4.3 Mcal

Vitamin D3 2.800 IE/kg Digestible 16.2 MJ 3.9 Mcal

Vitamin E 220 mg/kg Metabolisable 14.4 MJ 3.5 Mcal

Vitamin C (stable) 330 mg/kg

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