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 Optimal digestion
HEALTH EF is the ultimate floating Koi diet to keep Koi healthy and in
good condition. Only highly digestible ingredients have been selected
to make sure that the metabolism runs as smooth as possible.
Naturally wheat germ is included so that also at low water
temperatures digestibility is optimal.
Intestinal balance
HEALTH EF has been fortified with the Coppens prebiotic and
probiotic system. Both act to maintain a good intestinal health.
The probiotic consists of positive bacteria and the prebiotic,
fructo-oligosaccharides, as their food source. This system counteracts pathogenic bacteria and
promotes a better nutrient absorption. Next to that garlic has been included which is not only
tasty to Koi but it also acts as a natural anti-bacterium lowering unwanted bacterial levels.
Immune stimulation
The β-glucans added to HEALTH EF are known to effectively train the immune system. In this
way the natural disease resistance improves and results in quicker and more substantial actions
when pathogens enter the body.
Koi will benefit from this diet in times of stress, adverse conditions and when a boost of the condition is needed 
Analysis S ize
Protein 26 % 3.0 mm
Fat 4 % 6.0 mm
Crude fibre 5.4 %
Ash 6.9 %
Total P 1.1 %
Vitamins E nergy (/kg)
Vitamin A 25.000 IE/kg Gross 17.2 MJ 4.1 Mcal
Vitamin D3 2.000 IE/kg Digestible 13.5 MJ 3.5 Mcal
Vitamin E 220 mg/kg Metabolisable 14.8 MJ 3.2 Mcal
Vitamin C (stable) 330 mg/kg
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