Clown Loach
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Scientific Name: Chromobotia macracanthus


We would class these as an easy level of care

Can grow in excess of 25cm however growth tends to slow greatly after 15cm Native to the greater Sundra Islands and Sumatra

Can happily be kept in groups.  Can be quite shy if kept alone.

Ideally slightly acidic water conditions are provided between 6.5pH - 7pH however they will happily live in conditions ranging up to pH of 7.5. Temperatures should range between 14-24°C.

Will happily accept live and frozen foods alongside sinking pellets to form a complete diet.

Avoid Cichlids / Fish with trailing fins as they can be known to nip fins.  Smaller fish and especially Shrimps must be avoided as they will be seen as food items.

A very specialist species to breed as as of yet as very unheard of by the hobbyist. 

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