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Professional quality
TOP KOI EF is the professional top feed for koi. To give this feed high attraction,
digestibility and constant quality we have selected the highest quality
ingredients. The protein/fat ratio is balanced to maximise the growth of your
koi and simultaneously keep them in a beautiful, slim condition.
Special ingredients
The added krill meal makes this feed highly attractive to koi. This ensures a
good intake of the feed. Garlic has been added as a natural health promoter.
Wheat germ is added for a high digestibility even at lower water temperatures.
An Immune stimulant based on active β-glucans is included to strengthen
the natural disease resistance. Furthermore TOP KOI EF is fortified with the Coppens prebiotic and probiotic
system. Both act to maintain a good intestinal health. The probiotic consists of positive bacteria and
the prebiotic, fructo-oligosaccharides, as their food source. This system counteracts pathogenic bacteria
and promotes a better nutrient absorption. To support the health of your fish even more, high levels of
vitamins are added to the feed. Like in all Coppens Koi feeds the oil in TOP KOI EF has been vacuum coated
in the pellet preventing an oil film developing on the water while feeding.
Multiple special pigments are added to this feed like astaxanthin, spirulina and capsanthin.
These pigments give your koi deep, intense and vivid colours, without colouring the white scales.
Research has shown that TOP KOI EF is one of the best feeds in the market regarding growth and pigmentation.
Analysis S ize
Protein 51 % 3.0 mm
Fat 10 % 6.0 mm
Crude fibre 1.0 % 8.0 mm
Ash 10.8 %
Total P 1.7 %
Astaxanthin 25 mg/kg
Vitamins E nergy (/kg)
Vitamin A 28.000 IE/kg Gross 19.5 MJ 4.7 Mcal
Vitamin D3 3.000 IE/kg Digestible 17.9 MJ 4.3 Mcal
Vitamin E 250 mg/kg Metabolisable 15.5 MJ 3.7 Mcal
Vitamin C (stable) 500 mg/kg

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