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 STAPLE EF is a complete staplediet for koi . Highley digestable ingreients like fish meal , fish oil and spirulina make staple ef 
a perfect diet . The pellets are very water stable so that leaking of nutrients is largely prevented.
STAPLE EF  is nutritionally balanced diet that keeps koi in a good condition . The lower energy level promotes a good feed 
intake and helps to keep a perfect shape. The nutrrient levels including vitamins and minerals keep the koi healthy .
STAPLE  EF is enriched with natural spirulina . Spirulina has been used by japanese koi breeders for many years to improve 
health , well being and appearance of the fish . Spirulina is a highly digestible protein source for all carp like fish and contributes in a natural way to a quick , stable and untroubled digestion . Besides this , spirulina gives deep and intense 
contrasting colours to the fish. Because this is a natural pigment colouring of the white scales is avoided. 
The spirulina level is sufficient to support the natural colours of the koi 

analysis size
Protein 34 % 3.0 mm
Fat 3 % 6.0 mm
Crude fi bre 2.6 %
Ash 4.4 %
Total P 0.7 %
Vitamins energy (/kg)
Vitamin A 10.000 IE/kg Gross 17.9 MJ 4.3 Mcal
Vitamin D3 1.300 IE/kg Digestible 15.9 MJ 3.8 Mcal
Vitamin E 130 mg/kg Metabolisable 14.3 MJ 3.4 Mcal
Vitamin C (stable) 100 mg/kg
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