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 Deeply contrasting colours
SPIRULINA EF is a powerful colouration promoting feed for koi. The
feed contains a high level of spirulina and other carefully selected
colour enhancing ingredients like capsanthin and astaxanthin. These
additives allow the contrasting colours of koi to become brighter, deeper
and more intense. Spirulina is considered to be the most effective
natural colour enhancer for especially the red parts. It is very rich in
the yellow pigment zeaxanthin that in the koi is converted into bright
red. This process heightens the red and also the white colour.
Since 2009 the spirulina level has been further increased.
Health support
Apart from a concentrated amount of natural pigments spirulina offers several health benefits.
It contains anti-oxidants that, like vitamin C, help protect the body tissues. Other components,
like polysaccharides are known to strengthen the immune system. The high inclusion of spirulina
makes SPIRULINA EF a diet similar to the natural diet of koi in traditional mud ponds.
The digestion of this diet is best at water temperatures from 18 °C and upwards.
SPIRULINA EF has been fortified with the Coppens prebiotic and probiotic system. Both act to
maintain a good intestinal health. The probiotic consists of positive bacteria and the prebiotic,
fructo-oligosaccharides, as their food source. This system counteracts pathogenic bacteria and
promotes a better nutrient absorption. To support the health of your fish even more, high levels
of vitamins are added to the feed.

Analysis size
Protein 37 % 2.0 mm
Fat 6 % 3.0 mm
Crude fibre 1.8 % 6.0 mm
Ash 8.8 % 10.0 mm
Total P 1.3 %
Astaxanthin 45 mg/kg
Vitamins E nergy (/kg)
Vitamin A 25.000 IE/kg Gross 18.0 MJ 4.3 Mcal
Vitamin D3 2.800 IE/kg Digestible 16.2 MJ 4.9 Mcal
Vitamin E 220 mg/kg Metabolisable 14.5 MJ 3.5 Mcal
Vitamin C (stable) 330 mg/kg
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