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unique features
KOI MIX OSW is a luxurious mix of three top feeds for koi. In this
mix all the good elements of ORANGE EF, SPIRULINA EF and WHEAT
GERM are united. The unique combination has the following features:
• High quality ingredients such as the best fi sh meal and fi sh oil
(rich in essential Ω-3 fatty acids).
• Krill meal which makes the feed extra attractive for koi.
• Astaxanthin, spirulina and paprika for vivid, bright and intense
• Prebiotic and probiotics to support the intestinal fl ora.
• Wheat germ for a good gut fl ow.
easily digestible
Altogether this feed is easily digestible which improves the intake of nutrients by your fi sh and
prevents water pollution. Because this is a fl oating mix a good observation of the fi sh’ eating
behaviour is possible.
analysis size
Protein 40 % 3.0 mm
Fat 6 % 6.0 mm
Crude fi bre 1.7 %
Ash 9.1 %
Total P 1.5 %
Astaxanthin 23 mg/kg
Vitamins energy (/kg)
Vitamin A 25.333 IE/kg Gross 18.3 MJ 4.4 Mcal
Vitamin D3 2.867 IE/kg Digestible 16.5 MJ 3.9 Mcal
Vitamin E 223 mg/kg Metabolisable 14.6 MJ 3.5 Mcal
Vitamin C (stable) 337 mg/kg
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