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 Balanced growth

GROWER EF is a new complete grower with a higher protein level to

promote growth. Especially at a young age koi have a high growth

potential that can be utilised with a balanced high protein diet like

GROWER EF. The right P/E (protein/energy) ratio gives not only a good

growth and muscle development but it also helps to keep the right

shape. GROWER EF is very tasteful and contains high quality raw

materials like fish and vegetable proteins making the feed easily digestible

Because GROWER EF floats a good observation of your fish’ eating behaviour is possible.

This helps you to stay in touch with your koi and analyse their condition. Like our other koi diets

this feed is very water stable and helps to keep a good water quality. Since koi do not have a

stomach that acts like a food storage they like to graze and eat often but small amounts.

This behaviour can be met by feeding small amounts on a regular basis


Analysis size

Protein 44 % 3.0 mm

Fat 11 % 6.0 mm

Crude fibre 1.5 %

Ash 9.5 %

Total P 1.2 %

Vitamins E nergy (/kg)

Vitamin A 15.000 IE/kg Gross 19.8 MJ 4.1 Mcal

Vitamin D3 2.000 IE/kg Digestible 18.0 MJ 4.3 Mcal

Vitamin E 200 mg/kg Metabolisable 15.9 MJ 3.8 Mcal

Vitamin C (stable) 150 mg/kg

grower EF



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