Assorted Crown Male Fighters
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Scientific Name: Betta splendens

Generally quite easy to care for.  Will live with a range of tank mates, however care must be taken with species that nip fins as Siamese Fighters are prone to bullying.  Special notes must be made that only 1 male must be kept per tank.
Naturally found throughout central Thailand in the Chiang Rai province.

It is essential that males are kept individually 
Will happily accept a broad range of water qualitites with temperatures of 22 - 30 degrees C and pH ranges of 6.0 - 8.0. Growth Size 7 cm 
Will accept a broad range of foods from Frozen, Flake and sinking pellets.  They can be prone to obesity so take care not to over feed.
Best kept with very peaceful species that are not overly boisterous. Known bubble nest builders and an interesting courtship to watch.  Males will often by wary of females near their nest until it is complete, upon which spawning will then present.  Fry should be kept in a area of high humidity, many breeders use items such as cling film to create this within an aquarium.  Fry must then be raised on infusoria grade foods for the first few days.

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