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AQ-EL-FW-1047 Aquatlantis Easy LED FreshWater 1047mm / 52w (Fits T5 54w)
AQ-EL-FW-1200 Aquatlantis Easy LED FreshWater 1200mm / 62w (Fits T5 54w / T8 36w)
AQ-EL-FW-438 Aquatlantis Easy LED FreshWater   438mm /  20w (Fits T5 24w / T8 15w)
AQ-EL-FW-590 Aquatlantis Easy LED FreshWater   590mm / 28w  (Fits T5 28w / T8 18w)
AQ-EL-FW-742 Aquatlantis Easy LED FreshWater   742mm / 36w (Fits T5 35w / T8 25w) 
AQ-EL-FW-895 Aquatlantis Easy LED FreshWater    895mm / 44w (Fits T5 45w / T8 30w)

AQ-EL-MB-1047 Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue 1047mm / 58w (Fits T5 54w)
AQ-EL-MB-1200 Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue  1200mm / 66w (Fits T5 54w / T8 36w)
AQ-EL-MB-438  Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue   438mm / 24w (Fits T5 24w / T8 15w)
AQ-EL-MB-590  Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue   590mm / 32w (Fits T5 28w / T8 18w)
AQ-EL-MB-742  Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue   742mm / 40w (Fits T5 35w / T8 25w) 
AQ-EL-MB-895  Aquatlantis Easy LED Marine Blue   895mm / 50w (Fits T5 45w / T8 30w)

AQ-EL-SW-1047 Aquatlantis Easy LED SaltWater  1047mm / 52w (Fits T5 54w)
AQ-EL-SW-1200 Aquatlantis Easy LED SaltWater  1200mm / 62w (Fits T5 54w / T8 36w)
AQ-EL-SW-438  Aquatlantis Easy LED SaltWater    438mm / 20w  (Fits T5 24w / T8 15w)
AQ-EL-SW-590 Aquatlantis Easy LED SaltWater     590mm /  28w  (Fits T5 28w / T8 18w)
AQ-EL-SW-742  Aquatlantis Easy LED SaltWater   742mm /  36w   (Fits T5 35w / T8 25w)
AQ-EL-SW-895 Aquatlantis Easy LED SaltWater   895mm /  44w   (Fits T5 45w / T8 30w)

- T5 & T8 Bulb Replacements - Connects in to the bulb fitting, but has its’ own power supply
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